About Heritage Technology

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Heritage Technology was formed to supply high-quality digital interpretation solutions to the heritage sector. With experience in both commercial and academic spheres, we offer tailored support to archaeological organisations, museums, visitor attractions, heritage trusts and academic institutions.

Our services range from photo-realistic 3D visualisation to creative web design, and we are at the forefront of innovative and engaging multimedia presentation via digital interactives for both on- and off-site delivery.

Please explore our website for more information on our services and projects.

Our aims

Heritage Technology specialises in a number of digital technologies, and our overall aim is to provide a quality, low-cost service in each. We operate primarily within the heritage sector, and understand that, compared to other sectors, budgets can be limited when introducing or developing technology. With this in mind, we aim to supply services that might otherwise be out of reach to heritage institutions. In summary, we are:

  • Low-cost, providing technology and digital interpretation solutions to match heritage-sector budgets.
  • Innovative, utilising new techniques and technologies to provide cutting-edge materials that both inspire and educate.
  • Engaging, employing quality design to help audiences get the most from our whatever outputs we provide.
  • Insightful, ensuring our materials are the products of thorough research that reflect current thinking.
  • Flexible, moulding our services to provide the highest quality for all timeframes and budgets.

Our clients

We work with a broad range of clients, including commercial, public-sector, charitable and academic organisations. Our approach is tailored to suit our clients, and an in-depth knowledge of the technologies we employ allows us to offer a range of options that reflect varying schedules and budgets.