Copyright and permissions

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All materials present on this website are copyright. However, we are happy to discuss the re-use of any of our materials, so please contact us with your enquiry.

Heritage Technology can provide materials for use in:

  • hard-copy publications (books, journals, etc)
  • web publications
  • on-site interpretation (leaflets, information boards)
  • research projects

The re-use of our materials in non-published works such as theses or essays is not subject to any restrictions, providing any Heritage Technology Ltd watermark or identifier is left in place. You do not need to contact us to re-use our materials in non-published works.

Reproduction costs

We are usually happy to provide materials free-of-charge if they exist already. Materials that require additional rendering or output may be subject to a charge. Likewise, we can often provide high-resolution versions of our materials for large-format presentation, but this may also involve an extra cost if additional rendering is required.