Geoff Arnott


Geoff has nearly 10 years experience within the graphics/CGI industry, 7 of those focusing primarily on heritage and the interpretation of historic and archaeological sites. His work has featured in many forms of media, from web-based delivery to traditional print media and at visitor attractions and museums across the United Kingdom. As a Director at Heritage Technology he is responsible for the 3D and graphical output of the company, both still and animated, across all forms of media including mobile applications and delivery via augmented reality.

Geoff's technical experience includes a high level of proficiency in organic and hard surface 3D modelling with 3DS Max using VRay, Mental Ray and the latest real time non-biased render engines such as iRay. He is a highly experienced creator of VFX including post production and editing work with After Effects and digital set and Matte Paintings in both 3DS Max and Photoshop. His core principle, and that of Heritage Technology, is that historic visualisation and digital interpretation should not be divorced from the academic discussion associated with its development. The output should endeavour to stimulate and engage by combining cutting edge technology, delivery and visuals with rigorous academic research, encouraging further understanding and debate across all levels of knowledge.