Web design

Heritage Technology provides cutting-edge web services, including:

  • websites incorporating easy-to-use content managements systems
  • online databases to provide storage and access to datasets of any complexity
  • graphical design and user interface knowledge to make web resources both attractive and accessible

We utilise the popular open-source content platform Drupal, which offers a robust, flexible and secure platform upon which to base a web resource of any scale. The benefits of this system include:

  • a straightforward content management system allows content to be created or edited in a matter of seconds
  • an advanced permissions system, allowing access to web content to be restricted to defined users
  • a modular 'plug-in'-based structure that makes future developments easy to incorporate
  • by utilising Drupal, an open-source, no-fee software, we do not pass on any software costs to our clients

Hosting and domain registration

Heritage Technology offers low-cost hosting, which includes at-cost domain registration. Our servers are provided by CloudNext, and are located in a temperature-controlled, state of the art data-centre. All server maintenance is provided by highly-trained CloudNext staff, and the service guarantees excellent levels of up-time.

Heritage Technology does not impose any restrictions on bandwidth or storage space, and simply imposes a sliding-scale one-off yearly fee depending on a website's data requirements: £30, £50 or £70. This includes hosting costs, plus domain registration and security updates to ensure the website remains protected.


Although all Heritage Technology websites come with a built-in content management system, we understand that not everyone has the time to maintain and update their website regularly. We therefore offer a low-cost maintenance service, where clients can simply email through updates in a raw form and our staff will perform the online update or content creation.

Maintenance is charged at £20 p/h, and is rounded to the nearest 15 mins... and since most updates take less than 30 mins, this is a very cost-effective way of ensuring a website is fresh and up-to-date!

Academic clients

Heritage Technology has experience within the academic sphere, and can provide advice and tailored technical appendices for academic funding applications (eg, AHRC, HLF, etc). We recognise that academic projects often have specific conditions defined by funding bodies, and can provide the following commonly requested requirements:

  • technical advice on hardware and software requirements for academic projects with a digital focus or aspect
  • secure hosting, including regular backups to multiple online/offline storage locations
  • conversion and storage of data in industry-standard file formats that satisfy sustainability and data-legacy requirements
  • advice regarding online solutions to public accessibility and information-provision requirements
  • one-off payment guaranteeing hosting for a specified period (eg. 10 years), avoiding yearly hosting fees that are not compatible with time-restricted funding grants

We also have a working relationship with the Archaeology Data Service, based at the University of York, who specialise in the long-term archiving and provision of the digital datasets generated by heritage-orientated academic projects.

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Recent projects

The partnership between leading archaeological journal Antiquity and Heritage Technology is set to continue into 2013 under the journal's new editorship.

University of York student-run archaeology journal The Post Hole has developed a new website in partnership with Heritage Technology.

Heritage Technology is developing an online database to help the Council for British Archaeology monitor their planning application responses.